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5 Best Places in the world to spend your year-end holidays

5 Best Places in the world to spend your year-end holidays. New Year, new Spirits, a trip with the family to a new destination! If we are talking about the end of the Year holidays, then it will not be enough for us to talk only about some sights. Indeed, there are many year-end holiday destinations in the world that we can visit.

Each country, each city will have its own uniqueness that can be said to be different from the others.

You want to visit as many top tourist attractions as possible. Then again, most of us who travel are looking for free time and don't want to be bothered by complicated travel plans.

In this article, we will give you some of the tourist attractions in the world that you can consider visiting on your next trip.

This destination will make your life easier, your trip more enjoyable and you will have plenty of time to relax.

5 Best Places in the World to Spend your Year-End Holidays


Bali has been a regular winner of the world's best destination awards. Bali is a paradise for tourists, both local and from different parts of the world. Bali has a variety of interesting tourist attractions. Starting from nature tourism,cultural tourism, to culinary delights.


When talking about the world's year-end holiday destinations, then there is one country that we should not miss, namely London. The country is already known as one of the best year-end holiday destinations in the world.

It is not surprising that there are many attractions in London that are always crowded with tourists. London itself is a country with a long history.

This country not only keeps a very attractive natural beauty. However, it also stores a wide variety of historical sites and buildings that we can visit. One of the most rushed things is the number of shopping places in London that we can go to.


Unlike other countries, the city of Roma in Italy has its own charm. Like old buildings with beautiful palaces, ancient basilicas, ancient Roman monuments and fountains.

Roma, Italy is famous for its pizza. Not only food, here we can go to the Vatican and also visit the famous Colosseum. No wonder this city is a popular destination in the world.


France is a very famous country as a tourist destination in Europe. Many tourists make this country one of their dream destinations.

This is because, this one country is a very complete country. There are so many tourist destinations that we can visit, ranging from various cultural tours, nature tours, to culinary tours.

In addition, in France there are also many cities that are known as one of the best tourist cities in the world are very famous. This is what makes France always a dream tourist location for many people.


The first thing that may come to mind from New York, USA is the phenomenal Statue of Liberty. The beauty of the Statue of Liberty does have its own charm for tourists.

However, as one of the city's favorite tourist destinations, New York is not just the Statue of Liberty, there is a large selection of must-see attractions such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art that you can visit.

After that approach the suburbs with a visit to the foyer or one of the libraries in the city is guaranteed to end your year to be amazing.

Traveling With Limited Time Has Never Been More Fun!

Have you ever experienced this? You go to one place for fifteen minutes, then move to another with an hour's drive, spending only fifteen more minutes there.

When you are wasting time on the road, you cannot enjoy and relax as much as you want. If that sounds familiar, then you will love tourist attractions around the world!